I’m a well rounded engineer working closely with Anidea Engineering from downtown Austin, TX. I design electronics and write software. I can take your gadget invention idea and turn it into a reality. I can design your schematics, printed circuit board layouts, mechanical drawings, firmware, and software when required. Some of my specialties are usb drivers, motor control circuits, and control systems. Or anything with embedded linux, a microcontroller or field programmable gate array.

I also do a lot of web programming work, from static sites based on designer mockups to large complicated web applications. Mapping applications are one of my specialties. I am interested in applications related to machine learning, image processing, computer vision, data mining, and increasing productivity and efficiency with workflow automation. If you are a prospective client for websites or web applications, contact Roughneck Graphics for a quote. I work with them because they coordinate with several talented designers and provide stellar customer service.

My personal interests include organic and seasonal farming and cooking, food sustainability issues and the integration of technology in the garden and kitchen. I appreciate any time I’m able to combine my passions for good, healthy food and designing gadgetry. I also think food safety and health is one of the most important issues society faces right now, and it’s a subject I’ll happily talk to you about for hours (if you let me).